To Schedule an Appointment:

To schedule an appointment, call (570) 383-5300.

Appointment Changes or Failed Appointments

This office will bill the patient $25.00, for each hour appointment that is cancelled or broken without advanced notice of two business days. Surgery appointments reserve a full 3 hours for patient prep, treatment, and post-op recovery and instructions. Surgery appointments will be charged $75.00, if not cancelled at least 10 business days in advance of the date for surgery. As a courtesy, we will usually call 1 week to 3-4 days prior to your schedule appointment. Please keep your phone contacts updated; we will call the phone number that you last wrote on the medical history form as the primary contact to confirm your appointment. Please return our call to confirm your appointment, also please mark your schedule; Do Not Rely Only On Our Reminder Call.


Since a gum condition, such as advanced periodontitis, is usually monitored over several months, you should continue to see your General Dentist regularly for checkup of the teeth, (Dr. Zale will check the gums and perform the first tooth “cleaning” at 3 months after his gum treatment). Wait for Dr. Zale to refer you back to your family General Dentist before getting another cleaning there.

Note: Most, but not all, insurance plans allow a full mouth cleaning 3 months after gum treatment.

If the hygienist with your General Dentist calls to remind you of appointments while you are still under the care of Dr. Zale, please tell your dentist and/or hygienist that you are being treated by the periodontist.

It is Dr. Zales policy to send the General Dentist a written update for any definitive gum treatment. Wait for Dr. Zale to refer you back to your family General Dentist before getting another cleaning there. Gums require about 3 months time to strengthen enough to tolerate a regular cleaning. Because some insurance plans require 6 months wait, before you visit your regular dentist for a cleaning, call your insurance company to inquire about benefits for an adult oral prophylaxis (insurance code D1110).

Then, if you are not yet eligible for a cleaning – call your General Dentist office before the visit to inquire of your copayment. (If annual benefits are not “maxed-out” its between $20-40.)

Dr. Zale wants to follow your gums closely toward good periodontal health. He will monitor the initial healing, and do the first cleaning at 3 months. Afterward Dr. Zale will tell you when to return to your General Dentist. Remember that gums are the weak link in the mouth and need treatment before the teeth are restored to full healthy function.